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5 Days To Free Your Body 

FREE 5 Day Challenge via email and Facebook Live series 

By the end of these 5 days you'll learn how to feel free and confident in your body. 

We Start Monday, 

April 17th 

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The Free Training Kicks Off In.....


Daily Live Trainings

  • Helps you learn how to feel free in your body so that you so you love what you see in the mirror. 
  • How to tell your inner mean girl to shut up so that you feel excited to make more healthy lifestyle changes  
  • Learn how to give yourself permission to break up witih perfectionism and finally go for amd get what you want.  
  •  How to escape unhealthy habits that have kept you stuck in the past. 

Learn How To Keep It Simple

  • How to beak up wih the scale and focus on non scale victories 
  • Helps you to avoid shouding on yourself and finally get into action 
  • Save you time, money and utlimately lose some weight. 

Get Access to Our Private Community

In this group you will show your aha ha moments, ask any questions, that you may have, share victories with others going through this training. We all start together and we end together. I , Kim Barnes Jefferson, your hostess, will be hanging out in the group answsering any questions that you may have.