Are You Done Starting Over??  

You know what to do, you've had sucess in the past, but somehow you haven't been able to keep it going. Every Monday you say this is the week that you will not fail, you will prove to yourself that you can keep it to 2 glasses of wine on Saturday night. You won't raid the fridge after you put the kids to bed. You will go to the gym at least 5 days this week and you will make all your food for the week. 

Then... the kids refuse to go to bed, your boss makes you work late, you don't hit the grocery store and spend the week having pizza and chinese food. You have a this is my life and my goals will have to wait till next Monday, yet again!!! 

Now imagine setting a health or a fitness goal and in just 7 days crushing it!  

Hi, I'm Kim and I will be your success partner for the next 7 days. 

I KNOW that you know what to do. It's the HOW that keeps you stuck. The HOW that keeps you spinning your wheels. The HOW that keeps you frustrated and saying screw it pass the wine and the bag of goldfish.  

If you are tried of starting over, stick with me. For 7 days, I'll help you set up small yet acheiveable goals. 

Each day that you nail all your small goal you'll be motivated to keep going. You'll become more confident in yourself that you can finally have the fit and healthy body that you've been dreaming of. 

Ladies, this is not a dream, you will have access to a coach for 7 straight days helping you bust out of your healthy living rut and start using the all the health knowledge you've been collecting. You know what to do... now let's take care of the how -- sounds interesting????

How Is This Possible?

7 daily phone calls with ME, your success partner. 

(1) 45 min set up 

(6) 15 minute tune up calls 

What can you expect? 

Learn to better manage stress, so that you will sleep better

Learn to set achieveable goals so that you feel more confident in your life.  

Create a roadmap of success -- once you know where to go and how to get there, success is just around the corner

Be more motivated and feel accomplished 

Break out of a rut. 

All Yours For $47

You ready to discover how easily you can create a fit and healthy body on YOUR terms??