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Isn't it time for a reboot!

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Right now you are wondering will you ever feel comfortable and confident with your food choices .
You would love to stop the cravings and just get consistent
with your diet and exercise!!

You're a women who images knowing what to eat and when to eat it without questioning and hoping you are making the right decision!!  You would love to eat and workout in a more discplined way and finally get some sanity!! 

You are done lacking the energy to workout; making excuses about why you can’t go to the gym and having trouble find the “right” foods you like to fit into your “plan.”
You think your eating right but results, what the hell are those.
You are feeling stuck in a body that you don’t recognize and can barely tolerate let alone love!

I hear you: 
▶️ You’re over battling cravings like a Green Beret
▶️ Despite your crazy busy life you want to get in your workouts
▶️ Thinking about food shouldn’t feel like you are deciding what college to go to all over again

✔️ You want to find foods that leave you feeling satisfied and room for having a little vino =)

✔️ You want consistency. 

✔️You are so over white knuckling it fighting off your sweet tooth cravings when no healthy substitute and willpower, what the hell is that.

✔️ You want a better plan for healthy eating that’s flexible enough to allow you to have glass of vino. 

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I get it, I started in this business after I lost 30 pounds and was able to keep if off until four years ago and then BOOM, I couldn’t. My body changed and I couldn’t drop the weight to save my life. Here I was a fitness professional and I’m standing in front of my classes and I had a freaking belly!! WTF!!!!!! I pulled every lever that I knew and then I had to go back to the drawing board. I had to learn how to handle women’s hormones and not just drop food groups and increase exercise.  
Guess what I did it and I want to teach you how!
I wasn’t willing to accept that this was my life and I know that’s how you feel too. I want to share my knowledge with you. 

Kim Barnes Jefferson 

Squadleader, Fab Fit Squad 

the 6 week Body REboot! 

Workouts That Work For YOUR body (build muscle and burn FAT)

Weekly Education Modules, to help you understand the theory and science behind
good health and fitness. 

✅  Nutrition and how to eat to fuel your body’s needs
 ✅  Strength training, it’s important role in your health and myths (lifting weights and gaining strength don’t mean “getting bulky”)
✅  Goal setting for your busy life (that you’ll actually stick to)
✅   How the right mindset (and overcoming the stories you tell yourself) can impact your success
✅   Food triggers, cravings, and how to fight them (no more binging on gummy bears)


Gain confidence in maintaining your overall health

Monthly Lifestyle Challenges  to help you implement what you’ve learned and reinforce good habits

Recipes for easy, tasty, clean meals that are good for your body (new recipes every week!)  ...and won’t have you grinding away in the kitchen for hours


Consistency with both your workouts and nutrition 

Virtual Coaching through our members-only Facebook group to ask questions and get the answers, motivation, and support you need - from me and other group members. We’ll be there for you, help you stay accountable and on the path to becoming a new, healthier you.


Just $199!

I'm ready to fall back in love with myself!