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5 Days To Easy Peasy Menu Planning Without Spending Hours In The KitchenMenu Planning 

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By the end of these 5 days you'll know how to easily plan and prep for one week. Plus you'll ultimately love what you see in the mirror!! 

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March 13th 

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Daily Live Trainings

  • How to break down the overly complicated meal prep process. Making it simple so that you can do it without spending hours in the kitchen
  • How to focus on creating one unique healthy habit (menu planning) and nail it so you feel excited to make more healthy lifestyle changes 
  • That when you have quality food choices in you kitchen you’ eat healthier and feel more satisfied.
  • How amazing you'll feel by eating foods that have your body and mind working at full blast.

Learn How To Keep It Simple

  • How to cook in bulk and not hate it 2 days later
  • Meal prepping helps you crush your cravings. Yup, your cravings will become a thing of the past because you’ll know what you’re having and when - without having to think about what you “want”.
  • Save you time, money and utlimately lose some weight. 

Kim Barnes Jefferson

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In this group you will show your aha ha moments, ask any questions, that you may have, share victories with others going through this training. We all start together and we end together. I , Kim Barnes Jefferson, your hostess, will be hanging out in the group answsering any questions that you may have.